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Ignite imagination

Nanomonx promotes children's learning by creating digital educational resources that nurture their creativity, spark engagement and increase their motivation.


Nanomonx specializes in the development of digital educational platforms that improve teaching and make learning fun.

Based in Montreal, our multi-disciplinary team develops products that meet the needs of teachers and learners.

  • Adapt teaching to meet students’ needs
  • Improve teacher-student relationships
  • Involve students in their learning process
  • Bring innovation to educational content

Our products

Discover our versatile platforms developed to learn to write.

Customer testimonials

“A superb writing help resource that both students and teachers love. Boreal Tales is used in a variety of learning contexts, for languages as well as social studies.”
- Kaçandre Bourdelais, Educational consultant CDDHC
“The children are pleased, the teacher too… I had never seen something that motivated students to write this much.”
- Mary Perron, La Gentillerie elementary school, Saint-Malo, France
“We are a homeschool class (family) and my boys both loved building their own Native village [...] , complete with reference books, and showing each other their finished creations to note the differences between lifestyles. This has been our most in-depth work until now, we have just recently subscribed but we already love Boreal Tales!”
- Karine Jetté, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu